Title : Hepcidin-2
GenInfo Identifier : 47605663
Source : Mus musculus [Mouse]
Taxonomy : Animalia, Mammals
NCBI Taxonomy : 10090
UniProt: Q80T19
Length : 25
Activity : Antimicrobial
Validated : Predicted
Pfam : PF06446 : ( Hepcidin )
InterPro : IPR010500 : Hepcidin.
AMP Family : Hepcidin
Signature :
ID Type Pattern / HMM T. Length
CAMPHepH HMM Variable
Gene Ontology :
GO ID Ontology Definition
GO:0005576 Cellular Component Extracellular region IEA
GO:0006879 Biological Process Cellular iron ion homeostasis IEA
GO:0042742 Biological Process Defense response to bacterium IEA
GO:0050832 Biological Process Defense response to fungus IEA
GO:0031640 Biological Process Killing of cells of other organism IEA